Geotechnical Engineering

Our team of geotechnical professionals utilizes limit states design coupled with principles of soil and rock mechanics to evaluate the stability of natural and constructed embankments, assess risks posed by site conditions, design earth structures, shallow foundations and deep foundation systems and provide critical geotechnical consultation and inspection services prior to and during construction of our clients projects.  The goal of our team is to provide our clients with practical and innovative geotechnical solutions, and accurate material properties that will allow for cost savings at the time of construction and installation.

Corbo utilizes state of the art software to predict the behavior of soil and soil-water systems under a wide variety of conditions.  These detailed analyses allow for us to determine the most suitable location for the subject structures and design the type of foundations, retention systems, earthworks, and subgrades required by our customer.

Services provided

  • Site and Subsurface soil investigations
  • Foundation design and assessment
  • Slope stability assessments
  • Horizontal directional drill assessments
  • Retaining structure detailed design
  • Geo-Environmental engineering
  • Pile driving analysis and inspection
  • Quarry assessment
  • Rock mechanics
  • Landfill design
  • Quality control / Quality assurance
  • Subgrade bearing and footing inspections
  • Recommendations for shallow and deep foundations
  • Excavation recommendations
  • Soil frost behavior analysis
  • Spread footing foundations
  • Basement underdrainage
  • Engineered fill specifications
  • Pile foundation design
  • Sheet pile walls
  • Soil and rock stabilization
  • Groundwater control